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Are you interested in learning a super-easy, highly effective way to express your true desires in as little as five days?

If so, you definitely want to learn everything about the manifestation method of 55X5.

It’s one of attraction strategies ‘ most strong rule around – anyone can do it!

All you need is ten to twenty minutes a day, and you can change your life absolutely.

What Is The 55×5 Manifesting Method?

This  manifesting technique is a simple law of attraction trick, where you write your intention down on a piece of paper, 55 consecutive times, for 5 days straight. That’s all there is to it actually, believe it or not!

But sometimes the simplest things can bring the most confusion, so you will receive responses to some of the most often asked questions about the 55X5 method in the following sections.

How should I use the 55 ×5approach?

Approach 55 ×5 is very straightforward.

Each day (depending on how fast it takes you to write) all you really need is a pen, a paper, a purpose and patience for about ten to twenty minutes in order to do manifest.

Steps for 55 ×5 Formula Manifest

These are the exact measures to manifest in the equation 55X5.

1.Think about what you really want to manifest

First of all, you have to think about what you want to manifest. If you can visualize it, it’s even better because you need to use your imagination to create the feeling you’ll have once you’ve got what you want.

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Let’s say you’re going to lose 30 pounds.

Take a few minutes and close your eyes and imagine what you will get from this weight loss. What do you look like?

You’re feeling sexy? Do you have a light on your feet? More healthy? More vibrant?

Connecting to the emotional outcome of what you are asking for is critical.

Once you’ve worked this out, it’s time to make your point.

2.Create Your 55 ×5 Affirmation

Next, take the urge plus the feeling and make a brief sentence or declaration that you will write for 5 consecutive days 55 times a day.

Continuing our example of weight loss, we’re going to go with something like “I look deliciously sexy now that I’ve lost 30 pounds.”

3- Write It Out 55 Times In A Row For 5 Days

Third, you’re going to sit down and write your statement on paper fifty-five times. This is supposed to take you 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

Maybe this exercise isn’t for everyone because sometimes it can get boring. And you really don’t want to go on an auto-pilot with your mind wandering around as your hand is doing the whole job.

The goal is to link your thoughts through writing and let the intention flow through you with your emotions with your body.

Stay excited about the result as you write. Feel your body in your skinny jeans, rock your stilettos, and attract all your attention!

Whatever you want, allow yourself to feel it in your mind this time first, so you can draw it to you.

4- Pay Attention To Synchronicities

Start paying attention to the synchronicities and possibilities that occur after the five days are over (and sometimes even during the five days), indicating that your urge is heading your way.

Perhaps you see a video of a new diet plan that concerns you in our instance of weight loss the next morning on the news? You would never have thought of anything before. You may have an urge to eat something better than usual, or you may want to miss your regular dessert.

At first, little things will begin to change for you in subtle ways – then over time, it will become more obvious. But at this stage, it’s your responsibility to pay attention.

You may see an advertisement for a fun dance or fitness class, or someone spontaneously says, “You’re different about something–you’re losing weight?” (Even if you haven’t really started).

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5- Behave as if it had already happened (Let go of all doubt)

Finally, you have to let go of some curiosity or anxiety about the expression of your desire. Consider it done already, and behave as if it were.

It means taking steps to make it a reality, without wallowing in any emotional absence of what you want.

This would mean living as if you were already slimmer in our instance of weight loss. Eating as someone who is slimmer will eat and work as if you already had the dream body! Yet you won’t sit and wait and talk about how bloated you look or how low you want you to be.

It’s a done deal already, right? It’s on its way to you already. So do your part and be pleased with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About 55 ×5

Now that you know how to use the equation that manifests 55X5, here are the answers to some common questions

Why Does The 55X5 Law Of Attraction Method Work?

55X5 works because repetition in conjunction with feeling harmony reprograms the subconscious mind to embrace desire as reality. To bypass any conscious belief in limitations to what you can have and experience in your life is kind of a mental hack.

Why “55X5”?

Others swear by 55 ranges because of spiritual meaning or numerology. One sense of 555 is that you’re going to make a big switch. For motion and shifting power, the number 5 is significant–this is one way to look at it.

However, it’s not completely necessary to use 55×5 as it’s not really the number of times or days you’re doing this, but the purpose and perception and relation to the feeling behind this exercise, which does it for you.

You may want to play with various combinations–within reason.

Clearly 1×1 wouldn’t be perfect (unless you’re a master manifestant–kudos to you in that case)!

But start with 55×5, see how it feels and how it goes, and tweak it if you need to achieve different outcomes.

Do You Need To Do All 55 In One Sitting?

Sure, you should do all 55 lines in one seat for the best results. It’s like a meditation in away. You wouldn’t break up into two pieces one relaxation.

It’s such an easy, fast workout. With maximum results, it only takes a little bit of your time. Don’t be stupid. Do a favor for yourself and give it the right opportunity to work out.

 Best Time To Use The  55X5 Method?

Either first thing in the morning as part of your morning ritual or just before bed as part of your night-time routine is the perfect time to try 55 universal. But it’s better than not at all!

If during either of those times you can’t get it done, take whatever time you can find to get it done.

Can I Manifest Multiple Thing at a Time?

To beginners, it is best to stick to one ambition at a time. Part of the reason why the 55 Umbrella5 manifestation approach is so powerful is that you use the time to focus very deeply on your one goal–to the exclusion of all else around you.

For the time you focus on it, you’re making this one thing real. And it’s probably the only time that the goal gets such a high level of attention and high quality.

It’s absolutely the way to keep it pure and laser-focused. It can only hurt to get your interests muddled together.

Pick one thing to start at a time. More can always be added later.

What if I’m missing a 55X5 day?

Start from day 1 if you miss a day. While skipping and seeing some results may be possible, it is best to see the entire process through to completion.

What if, before 5 days, My Intention manifests?

If before five days are up, you get your manifestation, keep going and finish the cycle anyway. Going along with the rituals of manifestation is good practice. And, you know you’re going to get everything you’re supposed to receive.    

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you feel confident and excited to start using this simple, effective law of attraction technique.

Best of luck to you in creating the life of your dreams.

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